Wrapped in Culture


“Wrapped in Culture” is a powerful reclamation project grounded in community engagement. The goal of this project was to encourage an inter-cultural sharing of material history to produce a work reflective of Indigenous traditions, cultures and communities, both past and present. I invited Australian and Canadian Aboriginal artists to Ottawa to work collectively on a three-week art collaboration to create a traditional buffalo robe (Canada) and possum skin cloak (Australia).  The artists are Maree Clarke (Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta, BoonWurrung), Vicki West (Tasmanian), Mitch Mahoney (Boon Wurrung, Barkindji), Molly Mahoney (Boon Wurrung, Barkindji), Kerri Clarke (Boon Wurrung), Wade Mahoney (Barkindji), Barry Ace (Anishinaabe [Odawa]), Meryl McMaster (Cree) , Adrian Stimson (Siksika [Blackfoot]) and myself. The Possum skin cloak and Buffalo robe will be exhibited in the fall of 2018 at the Ottawa Art Gallery and then tour in Canada and Australia.    

This project was made possible through the Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter and partnerships with the City of Ottawa and Carleton University Art Gallery.


  • Barry Ace (Anishinaabe [Odawa])
  • Kerri Clarke (Boon Wurrung)
  • Maree Clarke (Mutti Mutti, Yorta Yorta, Boon Wurrung)
  • Rosalie Favell (Métis)
  • Mitch Mahoney (Boon Wurrung, Barkindji)
  • Molly Mahoney (Boon Wurrung, Barkindji)
  • Wade Mahoney (Barkindji)
  • Meryl McMaster (Cree)
  • Adrian Stimson (Siksika [Blackfoot])
  • Vicki West (Tasmanian)

Wrapped in Culture will be exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery in the Fall of 2018 (October 5 – January 20, 2019) curated by Wahsontiio Cross.