Surveillapocalypse: 007 Collective Does Brooklyn at Five Myles


For “Surveillapocalypse” Brooklyn-based art collective artCodex invites Canada-based Native American collective OO7 to collaborate on an exhibition on building trust between communities in the face of a security obsessed society and the ever-increasing surveillance that goes along with it.
This exhibit showcases collaborative work from the two collectives, including a public poster campaign and an interactive community response installation.


artCodex is a loose conglomerate of primarily Brooklyn based artists who engage in collaborative practices that combine an absurd sense of humor with political content.
Previous projects include: Ghost Modernism, a crowd sourced Venn-diagram that probes the characteristics of Modernism, post-Modernism, and defining a new era- Ghost Modernism; The War Show, a series of exhibitions exploring the idea of antagonistic collaboration done in Manila, Philippines; Minneapolis, MN; and New York City. Im/migration of the Species, a battle setting Native vs. Non-Native plants against each other. The Curse of Kudzu Mountain, a short video done at the residency Elsewhere exploring the dark side of the plant that ate the South. No Assumption, a take-over exhibition of a soon-to-be foreclosed house in Minneapolis, MN. For this project, members include Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Jason Lujan and Maria Hupfield.

The Ottawa Ontario 7 (OO7) is an Ottawa-based collective that initiate self-directed projects to challenge the boundaries of individual practice and regional parameters. The group invites a guest artist for each exhibition, previous projects with “Special Agent Artist’s” include: SCOUT at Blink Gallery, Ottawa with Howard Adler, Indigitized at SAW Gallery, Ottawa with Robert Houle; and Gladstone Hotel, Toronto with Bonnie Devine. Members include Barry Ace, Howard Adler, Rosalie Favell, Melody McKiver, Ron Noganosh and Ariel Smith,  Leo Yerxa, and photographer Barry Pottle, from Labrador as the “Northern Special Inuit Agent”.

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